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Are Aroma Italy Trips  for You?
We've put together some Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you accommodate solo travelers?  If so, when you quote the cost, is that based on double occupancy?   If so, does the price change for a solo traveler? 

Yes, we do accommodate solo travelers.   The original quote is per person/double occupancy.  For solo travelers, the rates vary 

What exactly does the cost of the tour cover? Flight, Transportation, lodging, meals, travel insurance?

Cost includes, all lodging, transportation throughout Italy, breakfast every morning, (except the departure morning), 10 group dinners are included, (we have found that on occasion, some travelers prefer a couple meals on their own so we have built in a few nights where you are free to go off and wander), all winery tours and tastings, and most other planned excursions.


Question:  Do all travelers fly out of Buffalo together, on the same flight, including connecting flights to our arrival in Italy?
Guests plan their own flights and fly from wherever they choose.  Each trip begins in Italy on the designated day.  

Do you have a meet and greet at your restaurant prior to the departure date?

Yes, we usually plan for 30-60 days prior to departure.

How does one pay for the trip?

There is a $1,000/person deposit to secure a spot.  Checks payable to Only Italy Tours.

The deposit is  non-refundable unless the trip is cancelled by us in which case,  your money is refunded.

Please contact us at any time if you have a question not listed. 

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