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Aroma Italy Experiences Updates

2023 & 2024

Hello Friends,

Aroma Italy Tours (Experiences) likes to take our guests beyond the typical tourist locations and attractions, from small neighborhoods in big cities to quaint villages in the heart of the Italian country and seaside for a truly unique and memorable experience.

The response to our most recent press and mailings has been quite overwhelming! There appears to be an astonishing number of people looking to travel in the next year and more specifically, travel to Italy! At this point, we fully expect to have a very busy and active and full schedule for 2024. Plans are now being finalized for the 2023 trips (still a few spots left in June!). When that is totally complete, we will then release plans for 2024.

With so many additions to our e-mail contacts and Facebook page, I wanted to reach out to tell everyone that details for 2024 schedule and itineraries will be out soon. Tuscany, as always, appears to be a very popular destination for many of you. The beauty, the culture, the food, the wine! It’s no wonder that Tuscany is a place we could travel to over and over again. There are some thoughts of doing a 2-week trip staying exclusively in Tuscany. We may also include Tuscany in another itinerary as well. Again, still in the planning phase.

Our Northern Italian itinerary is always in high demand. The itinerary for those that have been to Italy before, who have already seen the “must sees” of Italy. Milan, Bologna, The Ligurian Coast, Piemonte Wine Country and of course, Lake Como. Expect to see this trip offered again early next fall.

This coming year sees us including Le Marche region as a star of the show for the first time. This under traveled region has so much to offer, world renowned wine region, mountains, beautiful coastal beaches and towns, mountains, truffle hunting, world class olive oil producers, quaint small hill top towns and villages. We fully expect that Le Marche will leave a mark with our travelers and become appreciated for all it has to offer, and as a bonus, very few American tourists venture to this relatively unknown area of Italy.

We have so much of Italy that we want to offer and cannot wait to get you all of the details for 2024 soon. Please stay tuned and feel free to contact us with any questions or thoughts you may have. We cannot wait to bring you ALL to Italy in 2024!

For anyone that may have an interest in June 2023, please feel free to contact us for more details, questions or to book as soon as possible. Only 4 spots remaining!

Ciao a Tutti,


Dave Cosentino


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