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Vieni in viaggio con me in Italia!

Our trips this year have been very well received. We have so many new travelers excited to travel to Italy with us this year and also a lot of repeat travelers that are eager to see new cities and sites throughout Italy! Nothing like happy repeat friends for a recommendation!

Our southern Italy trip in late August is SOLD OUT at this time but we are hoping to attract just a couple of more travelers for our trip to Rome, The Amalfi Coast and Tuscany this coming May 16-30.

The itinerary is set, flights are booked, all we need is YOU to join us. If interested, please feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience either via e-mail, or try me on my cell phone-716-572-4001. I would love to answer any of your questions on this upcoming trip or our plans for trips in the future.

Buon Viaggio!



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