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Italy Experiences Update, 2023

Hello Friends!

Its been quite a while since my last update and I thank you all for your patience. After just returning from my two most recent trips to Italy, I am more than just excited to have gotten the response to next year’s Italy trips. We have so many repeat travelers and newcomers, couples as well as single travelers signed up for next year’s adventures. The only thing we might be missing is YOU!

In discussing the trips that I put together and the unhurried style in which I like to travel and design these trips as such, I have decided that I want to change the terminology in referring to these trips as “tours”. The term “tours” conjures up an image of large groups huddled around and following the waving red flags as you weave your way through crowded and congested streets. It brings to mind thoughts of getting up at the crack of dawn to board another bus en route to yet another town, city, church or museum. Ride, follow, eat, sleep, repeat…

I will now begin referring to our trips as “Experiences”, "Italy experiences", "Travel Experiences".

Of course when we travel together, we do ride in our private bus, we do some organized tour like activities, we may even visit a museum or a church or two. What we don’t do is travel in LARGE groups, I cap the number of travelers at 18, we limit the amount of travel time by staying put for 3-4 days at a time in a city or destination. This allows us to immerse ourselves and get to know a place. We will typically start our day later in the morning, ease into it! Enjoy the local cafe, sip a cappuccino, browse the shops, speak to a local. After all, it is a “vacation”.

Allow me to handle ALL of the specifics, where you stay, how you get there, where we eat, what time we meet the tour guide. Let me Rock you through 2 weeks in the greatest country to visit! We still have room in our Spring 2023 trips!

Also, (just in), we are looking to see if anyone would be interested in a cooking class trip to Rome in February. We would spend approximately 10 days in Rome, 5 full days of cooking instruction in the Trastevere neighborhood of Rome, organized tours of the fascinating and historical sites in the Eternal City and winter evenings dining in the neighborhood trattoria's. If interested, please let us know ASAP.

April and June itineraries are identical, showing our excitement in taking you to 2 of the most “must see” places in Italy- Rome and the Amalfi Cast! Then we are adding in the Marche region, located on the Adriatic coast. This seldom visited region offers active and beautiful beach and coastal life as well as mountains, world class wine production along with some of the best seafood and even their own truffles. Trust me, you’ll find yourself staying in boutique hotels in fantastic locations, eating in restaurants that the locals enjoy, drinking the wine made around the corner! Maybe we call these trips “The Backroads Experience”.

Come join us in 2023! April 4-18, June 15-29. Fall trip is SOLD OUT. E-mail or call today!


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